Tuesday, 19 February 2008

*Tellison @ Freebutt, Brighton (Live)

Here at Get Glucky we don't like to make bold sweeping statements, but it is safe to say Tellison are one of the best bands in the UK and surely anyone who thinks otherwise has obviously not heard them. For this very reason we travelled down to Brighton for the first date on their small 14 date tour.

The tour, with Furthest Drive Home and The Maple State, has a rotating headline act and Tellison just so happened to be on first.

The set started at a fast pace with album opener "Hanover (start clapping)" and apart from the tuning between songs, didn't slow down until it finished with a raucous performance of Reader.

We were also treated to a new song called "A Little Kitten" which proved that these guys still have more to give. Quite why Tellison haven't achieved the level of success they deserve yet is beyond us, but mark our words, it WILL happen.

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