Thursday, 6 March 2008

*Uh Huh Her @ Shepherd's Bush Empire, London (Live)

Perhaps somewhat predictably, the queue outside Shepherd's Bush Empire was nearing 100% female, the few men lingering next to their girlfriends or wives looked thoroughly confused as to where they were.

The support act, if one could call them an act, were two ladies dressed in some kind of military outfit swaying awkwardly behind a set of decks. The term DJ sure means different things these days... not sure if I saw them touch the decks or the mixer once?

On a side note, it was also the first gig I have ever seen where the bar was empty and the queue to the ladies toilet was about 4 miles long. Seriously, a 45 minute wait to pee is not fun.

Uh Huh Her had a challenging task in front of them, although the audience was clearly going to be supportive whatever they did, they were playing mostly from a record that hasn't come out yet and therefore most have not heard.
They looked great, they were clearly happy to be there but straight out of the gate there was something a little lackluster about the performance. Granted they haven't played live on numerous tours in the way that most other bands who would have arrived at the empire have, but even others I spoke to were expecting more. The vocals were in tune but very quiet, the body language was nervous and the overall sound shrank into the corners. Most of the songs drifted in between indie and electro and while perfectly pleasant to listen to, there was never a moment in the set where things felt really electric or exciting.

I really wanted them to be great, I was impressed by their previous EP with tracks like; Say So, Mystery Lights and Explode, but the new material just did not grasp the imagination in the same way. There is nothing to say that with more shows and more experience interacting with an audience, Uh Huh Her could improve remarkably but for the moment the show never really rose above average.

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