Friday, 11 January 2008

*Need To Know - The Jealous Girlfriends (Band)

Don't be mislead by the name.. this is not a band full of scorned women (just incase that's where your mind was going).

The Jealous Girlfriends are the latest band out of Brooklyn to get people talking, while everyone else was salivating over Vampire Weekend we were swaying/dancing/shaking to The Jealous Girlfriends.

First things first; they are:

Josh Abbott - Guitar, Vocals, Drums
Alex Lipsen - Keys, Synth, Bass Modules
Holly Miranda - Guitar, Keys, Trombone, Vocals
Mike Fadem - Drums

Their first record 'Comfortably Uncomfortable' still remains our favourite with such beautiful hazy gems as 'Lay Around' 'Mother May I' and 'Whoever you are'. Holly has one of those voices that gets under your skin in the best way, quirky and delicate enough to relax you but deep and smokey enough to make sure you pay attention.
The songs take different directions, the pop/jazzy 'Lay Around' faces the fragile and beautiful 'Mother May I' which meets the acoustic/bluesy 'Whoever you are'.

The new self-titled record has gone in a slightly more indie/rock direction but is still getting us excited; 'The Pink Wig to My Salieri' to the vocally stunning 'Roboxulla' and the electric, male fronted 'How Now' we will be keeping a close eye on these lovely sounding Brooklynites.

For all you lucky ducks in the states, they are touring with Kevin Devine at the moment, if you see a show let us know how it is!

Tour kicks off at:

Saturday, Jan 19th
Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey @ Bowery, NYC
w/ Kevin Devine

see for all other dates!

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