Sunday, 2 December 2007

*Adele - Chasing Pavements (Single)

Adele - Chasing Pavements (Beggars)

The first time I saw Adele play was in an oddly themed 60s bar in Soho about a year and a half ago. She was incredible then, and one and a half years later she is still incredible and this time, available to the masses. Her earlier songs have been floating around the internet for awhile – ‘Hometown Glory’ ‘My Same’ and ‘Best For Last’ and they are all hidden soulful gems. At 19 years old many people are already trying to squeeze her into the same box as Kate Nash and Lily Allen but that is purely lazy journalism. The only thing they have in common is youth and hometown. Her new single ‘Chasing Pavements’ has a glossier sheen that previous songs, but is still another slice of her refreshing London soul. The most rewarding thing about Adele is her voice, it is flawless and rich and bubbling over the top of her acoustic melodies seamlessly. The chorus of ‘Chasing Pavements’ is bigger than it needs to be; with the sound of full string orchestra behind her, she could have easily carried the song without it, but it’s a minor complaint in the overall Adele picture. The B-side, ‘That’s It, I Quit’ is more loyal to Adele’s previous style; harking back to older soul sounds with a modern acoustic sound meshed in, a staccato style of singing flowing through the track with regular guitar and vocal stops to give you time to catch up.
The great thing about new talent like this is that while there is no doubt to Amy Winehouse’s talent, her reliability isn’t exactly her selling point. Adele possesses as much soul; granted a different kind but as much never the less, and best of all Adele will always show up.



Anonymous said...

Heard her for the first time on the Jonathan Ross Show (7 Dec 2007), great voice and song.

Sarah said...

I absolutely love this track! Adele has an amazing voice, cant wait to get the album :) if poss keep me posted of up and coming tracks :)

The Groveler said...

Where to dl this track? It's so good... we need it now!

Claire N4 said...

Heard her the first time in Camden in July and she was great! Good to see her on Jonathan Ross last night - can't wait for the single in January!