Tuesday, 4 December 2007

*SIA @ Night & Day Cafe (Live)

I'd seen SIA once before this night, at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. I remember only knowing a couple songs, 'Breathe Me' ad 'Sunday' but leaving totally blown away by her. This occasion was no different. Seeing as her album was only floating around the internet and not officially released I went only knowing her past records, but kids, next time SIA is in town please make sure you go along. Her voice was consistently amazing, she had hilarious banter with the crowd the entire way through and at one point checked up on us all, 'Is everyone ok? Can I get you guys anything' to which an audience member replied, 'A Beer!' and SIA got her tour manager to bring up some beer from the dressing room and handed it out to the audience. Can you say aww? What a sweetie. She ran through some oldies but goodies, 'Sunday' 'Destiny' 'Somersault' and the stunning 'Breathe Me' and introduced her new album which, by the way, is fantastic. New songs 'Day Too Soon' 'Buttons' 'The Girl' 'Academia' 'Playground' and 'Soon We'll be found' are all lining up to go into SIA's best writing yet. Did I mention the intro song was performed in UV glow outfits by her and the whole band? no? magic!

Pictures below; videos to come.

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