Sunday, 16 December 2007

*Need To Know - Pony Up (Band)

Ah Montreal. You bring us yet another present to put under the tree.


"is your existential dream team. Laura Wills (vocals/keyboard) is the neighbour-girl you watched metamorphose from a heartbroken teen into a cynical sensualist of fully fledged femininity. Sarah K. Ruckus (vocals/guitar) is the hard candy that broke your teeth when you chewed instead of sucked. Lindsay Wills (drums/vocals) is your every secret misery and ecstasy at midnight with the lights out. And Lisa J. Smith (bass/vocals) is the perfidious lover who mends your heart by moonlight only to break it again over breakfast." - The Truth About Cats And Dogs Is That They Die - What's Free Is Yours - Possible Harm

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