Sunday, 21 October 2007

*In The City - Tellison

Tellison @ Studio, Manchester.

The "In The City" time of year in Manchester is joyous. Free gigs with great bands and musicians and lots of people to make you hopeful for the musical future.

Now what we learnt tonight kids, was something we were sure we knew but.. just needed proof of. Tellison were amazing. It's now a fact - in my eyes anway. They are a great band on record, their album, "Contact! Contact" is full of catchy, guitar driven pop songs that make you want to pump your fists in unpredictable directions, stomp your feet and clap in time to the drums. What we saw tonight though, was that live, not only are they; catchy, worthy of fist pumping and feet stomping - but they played an electric, exciting and sweaty set with an intimate but dedicated crowd shouting almost every song back to the band. "New York, New York" is a particular crowd favourite, and makes me and every other sensible person in the room want to lose their mind, you know, in a contained and well behaved sense. So, be aware, keep your fists, feet, eyes and ears ready for Tellison. The question is not "Will they be huge?" but "Why on earth are they not huge already?!" Tellison are coming kids.

*All photos copywright of Lauren Glucksman

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