Wednesday, 21 November 2007

*Example/Mos Def @ Roadhouse/Warehouse Project (Live)

Well well, hi there kids.

After a computer death (still dead, using a replacement baby computer), I feel some updates are long overdue. Get Glucky had a weekend revolved around hip-hop. Yes, out came the limited edition trainers, the new era caps and the hoodies and off we went.

First up was "Example":

who played at the Roadhouse, I went without really knowing anything about him but came away with a new appreciation for witty rap, there's a whole different genre out there where no one has been shot, 'hustled hoes' ok now i just feel awkward typing this. Check him out for yourself if you enjoy well worded mock rap.

*Get Glucky* recommends:
You Can't Rap
Me and Mandy

Now on to the beautiful Mos Def:

There is just something about this man that is so impossibly cool. I think it's the fact that his speech is always relaxedly slurred, but then that would suggest that I would be impressed by very drunk people - which i'm usually not. Hmmm maybe it's the fact that he's a genuinely briliant rapper, doesn't flaunt an ego, doesn't wear obscenely large diamond chains and dances like a man with style. On to the actual music; warehouse project is an amazing setting. Literally an empty warehouse transformed into a concert space, lots of light projections on the walls, crammed full of people etc. Mos def came on to a huge amount of excited noise at 2am. The only problem was the first half of the set was semi-disappointing. At this point I want to stress that it wasn't really his fault, the sound was off, askew off, you could hear the music but the lyrics were pretty much lost. He did some weird thing for about 15 minutes where he just played other peoples songs, kanye west etc. Finally though he did get to his classics, Miss Fat Booty, Sex Love and Money and more that I can't remember the titles of but remember the crowd going crazy. So I will need to see 'verbal osmosis' again because he clearly has his brilliant moments, just at 3am when you've waited to see someone for a long time and he spends a quarter of his set playing other peoples songs something doesn't seem right!

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