Thursday, 15 November 2007

*Need to know - Tokyo Police Club (Band)

Tokyo Police Club

The phrase 'indie band' gets thrown around far too often as a somewhat lazy description of a sound. Yes Tokyo Police Club could be defined as Indie, and yes they are a band - but they are a hell of a lot more than that. A Canadian guitar band with energetic, frantic basslines and laidback vocals, songs like; 'Nature of the experiment' 'Be Good' 'Your English Is Good' and 'Swedes In Stockholm' are all songs to make hipsters and music geeks alike shake their trendy haircuts and bounce along to until the lights come on and it's time to go home. They're the kind of band you wish you'd discovered first before your friends told you about them. So discover them now why don't you, and be that annoying but very, very smart friend. - Nature Of The Experiment

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