Wednesday, 21 November 2007

*Little Noise Sessions - Jack Penate, Young Knives, Laura Marling, Joe Lean & JJJ (Live)

First some pictures:

apologies for slightly crap quality of photos, but it was in church, so no flash and no sinning. Flashing... sinning.. god i hope that pun made sense or I just sound crazy. SO on to the gig.

For those of you unfamiliar with the "Little Noise Sessions" they are acoustic gigs done one every night for about a week in aid of a charity called MENCAP for people with mental disabilities. The venue was absolutely stunning, you'd be forgiven for thinking the acoustics of a church would be weird but it sounded fantastic and felt like a hugely special gig to be a part of even before the music came on.

Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong were on first.. unfortunately I really don't have a lot to say about them. They're hyped by NME which makes me almost immediately not want to listen but I ofcourse gave it a chance and just didn't hear anything remotely special, original or particularly interesting.

Laura Marling.. ah Miss Marling, she was primarily who I came to see and I was not disappointed. She really has a phenominally haunting voice, and as much as I hate to play the age card she is only 18, maybe even 17? But to think of all the growth she could acheive in the next few years when she's already so fantastic both as a lyricist/songwriter and as a live performer, is really exciting. She played most of the songs off her "My Manic & I" EP apart from my favourite, 'Typical' however she gave a beautiful rendition of "Ghosts" that more than made up for the absence of the former.

Jack Penate... bless him. What a trooper, he's used to playing live, loud, jump around gigs and here he was in a church playing his acoustic guitar and still jumping around the stage and dancing like a maniac. A genuinely nice seeming guy with catchy songs and envy inducing dance moves, the music isn't always amazing but there are a handful of great songs on his debut "Matinee" so it's worth giving it a listen and if you really hate him you're probably related to scrooge. I mean he talks about his mum and dad in his songs, and trainers, and Jack Kerouac. He's a nice guy ok?

Videos to come very soon...

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