Thursday, 15 November 2007

*New Kids On The Block - Part 5 (Silversun Pickups)


Silversun Pickups
(Specifically Christopher, their obviously talented and *bonus* funny, drummer)

Please, for the record, state:

1. i) Name and Current residing/Music making location?
Christopher from Silversun Pickups. We currently create music, whether it be good or hideous, in Los Angeles. Silverlake to be more specific...

ii) Please share a fun fact about you (Music related or otherwise)
I'll give you 3 fun facts, and you can guess which on is true:
Fun Fact #1: I was once 6 feet 4 inches tall and had aspirations to be an NBA basketball player. But I had bad knees.
Fun Fact #2: On our tour supporting Kaiser Chiefs in Europe, the catering crew refers to us as the Take Aways. Because we all take our food to go.
Fun Fact #3: SSPU only communicates with each other via Skype. AT ALL TIMES...

2. A little summary of your sound? Any artist comparisons to help people fit you into their mental record collection?
We are a rock band that likes dynamics and distortion. I would say if you mention My Bloody Valentine and the Pixies and Sonic Youth in the same breath as us, that would make us blush...

3. What was the first ever concert you attended? (Preferably no lies,
even if it's embarrassing, my first was The Spice Girls so no judgement here)
My very very first concert, that I begged my parents to let me go to was the Monkees 25th anniversary tour. At the Greek Theatre in LA. It was a great show. I still have the concert shirt and if you look at a few SSPU press photos, you may even see me wearing it...

4. Which artist/band would be a dream collaboration for you?
I think it would be the bees knees if we ever worked with Wilco or Radiohead. We would then realize that we're nowhere near as talented as they all are, and subsequently quit being musicians and work at a supermarket...maybe we shouldn't collaborate with them. Maybe we should stick to our original plan and work with Weird Al Yankovic...

5. Where can we find/hear/buy your angelic music?
iTunes,, most major retailers: Best Buy, Target, etc...Hot Topic & any indie record store. Or you can go to & buy it there!

For instant listening *Get Glucky Recommends* 'Lazy Eye' 'Rusted Wheel' and 'Little Lover's So Polite'

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