Saturday, 24 November 2007

*Tegan and Sara - The Con (Album)

I realise this album came out a little while ago, and therefore this review should have gone up a while ago but thought i'd dig it out and post it seeing as T&S are touring here soon and if you don't have a ticket.. what are you waiting for silly?

Tegan and Sara - The Con (Maple Music)

Sometimes along comes an album where a band has grown so much, lyrically, melodically and personally that when it’s laid out in front of you bare boned on a record there is nothing left to do but sit down with a pair of headphones, put the record on and press repeat.
The talent of Tegan and Sara has never been in doubt, with four previous records underneath their belts including the very successful; ‘So Jealous’ and countless numbers of honest, catchy and often heart wrenching songs, they are clearly accomplished, but with their new record ‘The Con’ they have taken everything to the next level.
Somewhat like a perfect lovers’ mix tape; the songs deal in heartbreak, longing, coping, realisation and speaking out - and that’s only on the surface, dig deeper and there is a hoard of intricate and intimate moments to be found.
While both girls are intense songwriters, interestingly, while they perform together, it is well known that they write alone, which is maybe why their individual sounds are becoming more distinct. Songs like; Nineteen, Call It Off and The Con are clearly Tegan’s – direct, passionate and allow you so much access, you wonder if you’re listening in on something that was meant to be private. Singing over an intense drumbeat on ‘Are You Ten Years Ago’ she takes the sound of Tegan and Sara into an entirely different territory. Equally Sara’s ‘Like O Like H’, ‘Burn Your Life Down’ and ‘Floorplan’ are full of intricate parts, quirky vocals and subject matter stretching far beyond some of her previous songs, now incorporating inspiration from childhood, marriage and even coping with death.
What’s so unique is that their records never seem to display a stronger writer/lyricist, you are never made to choose between them, they both have their accomplished individual songs but together, they have a fantastic record. So no matter who has written what, like a musical ying and yang they have managed to intertwine their styles to produce a record that everyone can relate to. Whether it’s love lost or gained, self-realisation or self-confusion, every song on this album resonates.
With their live shows garnering a reputation for hilarious storytelling along with fantastic musical performance, it’s clear these are woman of great talent and substance and in a musical world where unfortunately that can be a rarity, thank Canada for Tegan and Sara.


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You get them. You really, really get them.

Thanks for the great review. I already knew such things but it makes me smile seeing others say it in type.